On that glorious day
As I walked slowly home
I suddenly found myself alone
In a place I did not know
In this place, light had no dominion
And had to concede to its evil twin
It quickly retreated
And all at once it was dark

I stood still
The black all around me
Gazing into the darkness
Seeing its nothingness

All my joy departed
An eternity elapsed in an instant
I tasted fear

I heard voices

The oblivious voices of the living
They spoke of all things past
Reminiscent and despondent

The tortured voices of the dying
Speaking of unknown things to come
Desperate and pleading, crying and bleeding

The silent voices of the dead
Whispering on their present eternal fate
Empty and apathetic

I tried to speak, but alas
All breath fled from my lungs never to return
I felt everything then nothing
My body drifted into the emptiness
The darkness slowly engulfing me
My flesh and bone becoming one with the black

As I lay there dying
Notions of regret poured into my mind
Bringing with them tears to my eyes
And I cried myself to death.


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