Once upon a time, a boy.
On this day he was heading to work in car. In his head were thoughts, in his thoughts were troubles. One of those troubles was a girl. He had seen her on yester day and had not stopped thinking about her since. On getting to work place, boy saw girl again. She was standing alone talking on phone, and boy saw chance to talk to her. Boy was nervous but went to talk to girl anyway. Girl was nice to boy and gave boy number. Later on day, boy called girl and girl accepted to go for film and meal with boy on day at time. Boy and girl met at place and went to theater to watch film, afterward they went to restaurant, had meal and talked. After meal boy took girl home and gave girl kiss at her door.

Boy and girl met many times after that for films, meals, walks, and talks.

Boy grew fond of girl as did girl of boy.

It wasn’t long before girl and boy were girlfriend and boyfriend.

Once upon the same time, a girl.
She was friends with boy before he became boyfriend, and hated that girlfriend had come into the picture. Girl couldn’t stand to see girlfriend and boyfriend together. So she came up with plot to get boyfriend away from girlfriend. She called boyfriend to her house one day pretending an electric device had problem. When boyfriend arrived, girl seduced boyfriend. Boyfriend was weak and gave into his desires. Later girl told girlfriend about it and girlfriend dumped boyfriend.

Once upon the last time, a boy.
Without girlfriend, boy became depressed. He went to girl for comfort but she had since lost interest in him. So boy went to store and bought rope. He went home and made noose. Put noose around neck and stood on chair. He was about to jump when knock came from door. He answered door and standing there was girlfriend. She had come to get thing which she had left in boy’s place. Boy pleaded with girlfriend to take him back but girl was too hurt and angry. Then girlfriend saw noose and chair and became sad and scared. She pleaded with boy not to sue his side. Boy said he was lost and couldn’t live without girlfriend. Girlfriend still cared for boy and so she said she would help him but that he would never again be boyfriend. Boy accepted whichever part of girl he would get and eventually got over girlfriend and now they are the best of friends.

Another Time.


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