Man’s greatest weakness is his inability to acknowledge his greatest strength.
Man is an animal and is susceptible to an animal’s most primal force; instinct.

But, separate from beast, man has the ability to recognize instinct and counter it with rational thought.
Man constantly fails in this respect.
That first impulse he acquires, he grabs on to it and hangs on for dear life. Not giving himself the time to pull away and look at it rationally, utilizing that which is supposed to elevate him high an above all other creatures on this earth.

Reason, constantly, does not prevail.

Although instinct is important and sometimes crucial, a lot of the time it is a burden that debases man’s prominence and dominion over life on this planet. It is our vulnerability to it that resigns us the fate of dying as mere beasts and nothing more. This inability to rise above all other animals, who are themselves slaves to instinct, unable to fight and even recognize their weakness to it, will be the bane that brings forth man’s inescapable fate.

Although we have evolved enough to be able to fight our instincts, we do not seem willing to do so. Doing this, perhaps, would mean us finally accepting full responsibility for all our actions. But it seems that man is not yet ready or even capable of doing so. He constantly rejects his rational side; desperately clings to his precious impulses; denying his higher calling.

This is the great sorrow of human existence.
That we were meant for more, but chose less, much less.


One thought on “FRAILTY

  1. M says:

    You should write more. Mostly because you write gooder than mosts of the people I knew…

    ..that was a joke. Super piece man.

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