I had it but now it’s gone.

For a very short second,

the idea belonged to me.

It’s soft words were poised

to dance gently on my tongue.

All the eager letters were hanging

on the ends and the reds of my lips.


I had the idea but now it’s gone.

Subtle meanings were in my grasp.

But foolishly they ventured too close

to the dark brims of my thoughts,

and all the words and their letters

fell off my absent mind’s edge

and turned forever into the forgotten.



Moon Phase

I hang from the heavens sharing my seat with gods
Staring, never turning my gaze from your blue world
My face sometimes hidden from your sight in phases
Pale rock in an eternal dance with the earth.

You only see me at night, only during the darkness
When the day breaks, I’m forgotten by your eyes
Hidden from your vision by my bright big brother
Dead round stone, there but not there.

At night you call me beautiful, find my glare mysterious
But I have no radiance or shine of my own
I only give the light that’s been sent to me
If not for the sun’s glow, I would not be seen
The praises sent my way are lost on me
They belong to that big yellow one
The one that creates my false luster
I have no shine, I have no voice

The words you are reading are also not my own
They belong to a boy who fancies himself a poet
But he can never know how I feel, how could he?
I am as old as the earth, He is only a spec in time
My true words will never see the page.
You shouldn’t be reading this
You should go and think about your own thoughts
Put those to page, at least they will be true
As for this boy, this poet, this fool
He has run out of words.


Feint Kiss

Sensations ignited as lip meets lip
Eyes closed the fire engulfs us
Two bodies connected, two souls intertwined
Every nerve awakened, connecting heart and mind

Holding each other tight, lips still embracing
The ground surrenders our feet and we float
Up and away towards bliss and forever
Eternity greets us and invites us to stay

Tighter we hold each other
Never wanting to let go
Never wanting it to end
The beautiful moment
The perfect moment
A beautiful and perfect lie

I open my eyes
I sit up in bed
I look around
I am alone
I smile
I never thought it possible

I had fallen in love in a dream