Raven Letter

Dear Grim,

Receive this knowing all is not well.
I have fallen upon harsh times.
I exist in constant turmoil.
I know no peace, I have no joy.
There is only grief.
The days have grown longer, the nights become colder.
It is during such times as these that grave thoughts abound.
When I look to my future I only see nothing, nothing then you.
I know we will meet one day but that day can’t come soon enough.
I long for it, I constantly will for it to arrive, sooner, rather than later.
To look upon your ghastly face.
To hear the chiming of the ultimate bells.
Oh good and faithful Thanatos.
Steadfast captain of sorrow.
Wield your constant scythe.
Swing it down swiftly.
Put it through my skin.
Stab my heart, Pierce my soul,
tear my being from this world.
Deed done,
take your cold hand in mine
and dance with me as we descend into Tartarus.
That silent peaceful Necropolis.
Where I’ll find my Elysian Fields and home eternal.

Yours Eventually and Eternally…




Inside I’m

chock-full of emptiness.

Inside my head

the thoughts are poison.

Inside my mind

the resolve is spent.

Inside my chest

it hurts to breathe.

Inside my heart

it hurts to live.


My faith is broken.

My will has run dry.

No escaping it.

I wish I could disappear.

No denying it.

I wish I weren’t here.


Ever Never

Rivers never crossed
Paths never taken
Promises ever made
Words never spoken.

Books ever read
Stories ever told
Truths never hidden
Writers ever bold.

Loves never made
Sights never seen
Stands ever shaken
Thoughts never clean.

Blood ever shed
Battles ever fought
Wars never won
Peace ever sought.

Feelings never felt
Tears never cried
Heart ever daunted
Occupations never tried.

Poems ever written
Songs ever sung
People never dejected
Spirits ever young.


He doesn’t leave my side.
He’s with me all the time.
My best friend forever
who’ll never forsake me.
Even when I can’t see him
he’s there,
in the shadows;

Sometimes he disappears
from my sight for a while.
Till I start to miss him.
Till I begin to forget
what he looks like.
But he’s still around,
in the shadows;
waiting to make himself known.
I know I can depend on him
to always be there for me.

He cannot leave my side.
He’ll be with me for all time.
He’ll stay with me till I die.
My most loyal companion.
My best friend forever.
My friend Misery.



A pain that’s real
A time that’s near
A hate that bites
A past that’s clear.

A mind that learns
A will that sparks
A world that’s cruel
A shadow in the dark.

A song that plays
A story that’s grave
A man who fears
A heart that’s brave.

A trouble that’s past
A night that’s black
A girl who’s fair
A walk in the park.

A trip that’s short
A sky that’s blue
A soul that pines
A feeling that’s new.

A lie that hurts
A deed that’s right
A tear that’s shed
A sun that’s bright.

A truth that lasts
A day that’s cold
A word that tells
A stand that’s bold.

A fire that burns
A promise that’s due
A light that shines
A love that’s true.


Old Song

Day after day the old song plays

You know the cruel tune very well

The melody is in your head

Its beats inside your weary heart

You cannot ever forget it.


Some of the words in the verse change

But the chorus remains the same

You are tired of hearing it

You are ready for a new song

But you have to write it yourself.



Gathering all my pieces,
those scattered when you broke me.
All through the floor I lie,
pieces cursing love’s genesis.

I huddle my legs.
Those that carried me to you,
led me to slaughter.
Afraid to ever walk again.

Muster my stomach.
The butterflies all dead now,
their carcases in pieces,
dancing in my belly no more.

Assemble my hands.
The ones that held you to me,
fingers that stroked your skin.
Now clenched to unwelcoming fists.

I collect my mind.
The one that spoke truthful,
while my weak heart was lost.
Cursed to be forever cautious.

Finally my heart,
the limp foolish thing that fell,
cut by your sharp false words.
Now marked forever by foul love.




I feel the rage building up inside me

It turns my gut like a washing machine

I’ve never felt burning like this before

I do not know where the fire comes from

Just minutes ago all was fine and good

But now I feel it growing inside me

I feel the flame spread through my body

I hardly know what it could want from me

I don’t allow it to take me over

I refuse to feed its scorching fire

My face and body show no signs of the rage

Not moving, not letting the flame shift me

I will sit here still and calmly endure

Will not let the rage take away my joy

Will bury it deep within my psyche

Will not let it rule my day or night

I will not feed it, I will let it die

I will never miss it when it’s gone

Come the sunny morning it is all gone

Only ashes remain of the red rage

Now only the calm of white peace remains.


Busy Mister Mwili

Busy Mister Mwili

Do you know what ails me?

Does what I feel, Make your heart tremble?

Does what I hear, Rattle your eardrum?

Does what I see, Burn in your retina?

Busy Mister Mwili , My heart is mine.


Have you known what troubles me?

Will my thoughts, Linger in your mind?

Will my words, Fall through your larynx?

Will my tears, Irrigate your face?

Busy Mister Mwili , My minds are mine.


You did not know me in the womb.

My soul does not dance in your body.

My children do not swim in your loins

My blood does not trickle down your veins

Busy Mister Mwili , Get your own life.

© 2012 Kimani