Busy Mister Mwili

Busy Mister Mwili

Do you know what ails me?

Does what I feel, Make your heart tremble?

Does what I hear, Rattle your eardrum?

Does what I see, Burn in your retina?

Busy Mister Mwili , My heart is mine.


Have you known what troubles me?

Will my thoughts, Linger in your mind?

Will my words, Fall through your larynx?

Will my tears, Irrigate your face?

Busy Mister Mwili , My minds are mine.


You did not know me in the womb.

My soul does not dance in your body.

My children do not swim in your loins

My blood does not trickle down your veins

Busy Mister Mwili , Get your own life.

© 2012 Kimani


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