I feel the rage building up inside me

It turns my gut like a washing machine

I’ve never felt burning like this before

I do not know where the fire comes from

Just minutes ago all was fine and good

But now I feel it growing inside me

I feel the flame spread through my body

I hardly know what it could want from me

I don’t allow it to take me over

I refuse to feed its scorching fire

My face and body show no signs of the rage

Not moving, not letting the flame shift me

I will sit here still and calmly endure

Will not let the rage take away my joy

Will bury it deep within my psyche

Will not let it rule my day or night

I will not feed it, I will let it die

I will never miss it when it’s gone

Come the sunny morning it is all gone

Only ashes remain of the red rage

Now only the calm of white peace remains.



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