Raven Letter

Dear Grim,

Receive this knowing all is not well.
I have fallen upon harsh times.
I exist in constant turmoil.
I know no peace, I have no joy.
There is only grief.
The days have grown longer, the nights become colder.
It is during such times as these that grave thoughts abound.
When I look to my future I only see nothing, nothing then you.
I know we will meet one day but that day can’t come soon enough.
I long for it, I constantly will for it to arrive, sooner, rather than later.
To look upon your ghastly face.
To hear the chiming of the ultimate bells.
Oh good and faithful Thanatos.
Steadfast captain of sorrow.
Wield your constant scythe.
Swing it down swiftly.
Put it through my skin.
Stab my heart, Pierce my soul,
tear my being from this world.
Deed done,
take your cold hand in mine
and dance with me as we descend into Tartarus.
That silent peaceful Necropolis.
Where I’ll find my Elysian Fields and home eternal.

Yours Eventually and Eternally…



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