Swiss Kiss

Watch me as I leave you.
Watch me as I never come back.
Watch my shadows fade.
Hear my footsteps wane.
All that time I was interned.
Chained up by your words.
But now I’m finally free
and liberated from your guile.

Cherish the time you shackled me.
It’s all I’ll leave behind.
Memory is all you’ll have.
Scars are what I’ll take with me.
Too many hours spent.
Too many moments wasted.
Moments filled only with deceit.
False truths that tasted sweet like honey.

Our love is now dead.
Slowly smothered by your lies.
Now you Pack up your presence
and leave my thoughts.
Leave me as I try to forget you.
Try to forget that I ever met you.
Too late you called out to me.
Too late your shallow words appeared.
You never saw me while I was beside you.
Now you’ll never see me again.



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