I’m cheating on my dreams.
I’m seeing easy behind its back.
I’m still seeking prosperity but
I don’t think I’ll find it with easy by my side.
I barely think about my dreams.
Easy has me hooked up in routine.
I think of giving in,
throwing in the towel,
breaking up with my dreams.
They only promise promises.
But easy promises me security.
Easy says I won’t have to worry.
Easy doesn’t ask much of me.
Easy doesn’t take up much of my mind,
much if my thoughts,
but demands most of my time.
Why can’t I have both?
Take it easy with my dreams.
Have an awesome threesome;
Me, easy and my dreams.
But they can’t stand each other.
As soon as easy enters,
My dreams jump out the window.
As soon as my dreams knock,
Easy slips out the back door.
As time passes by and I fail to choose,
I find myself spending less time with both,
and spending more time with anguish.
But I need to check my spending;
my credit with the house is running out.



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