Salty Fare

You are not as special
as you think you are.
That throne you sit on
on is not your own.
The looks they give you
are meant for someone else;
someone more talented;
someone that’s not you.
Your face is not worthy
to be looked upon with admiration.
You are just a pretender
with no new story to tell;
nothing interesting to say.
You have not earned any title.
You have not earned a place
among the doers and thinkers.
You know this to be true and
you’re afraid of being discovered.
Because when this happens
they will all point at you and laugh;
gossip and whisper at your expense.
Some will come to pull you from the throne,
take the crown off your head,
strip you of your clothes,
and cast you into the cold.
Before then, before that happens,
you must become that which
they all think you are.
You must not be removed from that seat.
You have been here for too long.
You know of nowhere else to go;
no one else to be.



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