The time has come for a revolution.
Time to take back what’s yours.
What you lost without knowing.
What’s more precious than gold.
A bloodless revolution
whose only weapon is common sense.
A mental revolution
that will take place in your mind.
Time to reclaim your brain
set loose your thoughts and

You fill your head with trifles
when your mind is capable of more,
much more.
Not shallow gossip
and keeping up with Kardashians.
Big ideas that discover god particles
and can cure cancer.
Discard the ordinary and do something,
anything that cracks that glass ceiling
that limits your thinking.
You are no longer a child,
You can feed yourself and clothe yourself,
now you must think for yourself.

Don’t be afraid of different,
don’t be afraid of the unknown.
Like a newborn baby
you must crawl before you can walk and run
run away from those
who would prefer you stupid.
Because then you become their puppets
to do their bidding.
You must cut the puppet strings by asking questions
who, what, when, how and why.
Only then can you claim your sovereign mind.
Obtain your independence of thought,
the only victim in this battle is ignorance.
You won’t miss it
so don’t be afraid to destroy it and

You time is precious little
don’t spend it with another man’s thoughts.
Move from your comfort zone and
break loose from mindless routine.
When your brain is filled with trivial things
It remains fallow and bears boring fruit,
which escapes you mouth and breeds yawns.
You are not an animal in a zoo
You are a warrior in a jungle,
so master your domain,
roam your kingdom
claim your throne and

The time has come
to save yourself from yourself.
From the prison of ignorance
that you built with your own hands;
when you refused to question what was fed to you
and just swallowed it as the truth.
You sentenced yourself
by not paying attention
as the shackles were wrapped around your mind.
Heavy chains of doubt and sloth
that weigh down your thoughts and made them slow.
Too distracted were you by shiny nonsense to notice.
It’s not too late
Open your eyes and see.
Open your ears and hear.
Open your heart and feel.
Break the shackles and



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