I must ask you how it feels.
I must ask because I don’t know.
Don’t know how it feels to be happy.

They are trying to tell you.
They are trying but you don’t listen.
Don’t listen to the truth they’re speaking.

You must leave this place.
You must leave before it’s too late.
Too late for all those trapped within.

Take them to his house.
Take them to meet their god.
The god who lives in the mansion on the hill.

They can tell you the whole story.
They can tell you how the world stopped.
Stopped before a happy song could be written.

I can’t leave without it.
I can’t leave before I find the truth.
The truth that’s found at the edge of life.

Come to the end.
Come to the place you’ll find me.
Find me waiting for the final bell.

I must tell you who I am.
I must tell you before I die.
Die before anyone knows my name.

I will drown in my sorrow.
I will drown submerged in this agony.
Agony that chokes and takes the air from my lungs.



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