The Fall of Adam

It is the fate of man to destroy himself.
As we are now, we are slowly killing ourselves, we have no choice in the matter. It is our very nature to destroy everything around us and leave it bare and dead.
Never before in history has man had the ability to end his and indeed all life on the planet, until now.

And so it shall be.

It could come by many means:

global warming leading to deadly and devastating climate change;

overpopulation leading to the polluting and poisoning of the earth to the point where sustenance of life is impossible;

genetically engineered biological and chemical agents meant for war, spreading, infecting and annihilating;

the obvious nuclear holocaust;

or perhaps and most likely of all, the human being will invent and unleash a new and more efficient means to end life.

By whatever means the result is clear. The final judgment, the last and concluding chapter in the history of man will be drafted by five fingers with an opposable thumb.



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