Why is it that I can look at one thing,
in two different situations,
and see two different things?
Perception is a bitch.
A lying bitch.
I’m looking at something
that I’ve seen before.
It’s the same,
but then again,
It’s not.
It hasn’t changed,
but then again,
I have.
Time and circumstance,
have scared my perception.
Changed it.
Corrupted it?
Now what was
is now gone,
and will never be again.
Somebody else,
never saw what I did at first
and now sees something different still.
Thus most things,
only acquire the importance we give to them.
Did I say most?
I’m sorry.
I meant all.

Big and Small
Happy and Sad
Winner and Loser
Right and Wrong
are all the same thing.



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