Don’t Go There

Don’t go there
Draws you in when at your lowest
Drives you mad with regret
Fills your soul with torment
Shattering the quiet innocent

Don’t go there
The hollow place inside you
Past shattered dreams and scared hope
Shallow and idle breeding anguish
Pain’s gravity pulling you inside

Don’t go there
The land is soggy beneath your feet
Sweet apathy poison oozes from the ground
It drains you of your hope like a sponge
Saps you of your strength and courage

Don’t go there
The air is foggy and you can’t see past your pain
Every breath you take makes you weaker
Blind and broken you stumble through
The plain plane with tired unwilling legs

Don’t go there
It stinks of wasted promises and broken dreams
Scent of costly hope and rare despair
It only exists to keep you from your purpose
Bleed you of your joy and weigh you down

Don’t go there
You’ll be better off If you stayed away
From the mind waste filled nothing
Turn back and run
Run as fast as you can
If you want to see the sun



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