Time passes by his window.
It stops for a second to hide
from his eyes. The facts
are told to his peers and those
strange liars who in harmony
crumble at his feet.
Golden voices speak words
held about by best intentions.
It briefs him and runs out,
but he doesn’t believe.
He rides past green judging eyes
with a future in his hands.
Past indiscretions forgiven
but due to present circumstance
the only hope of this man is life.
Anyone around will thrive
when she receives the cue.
The tree of truth will bear fruit
that once eaten
can not be denied.

Who could misplace such an idea?
Who would ask the truth to lie?
We hide from it.
It finds us.
We throw it away.
It returns.
We can’t disavow it.
We are alive.


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