White crystalline moon at midnight
Stars alive, soft yellow cloud passes by
I gather my anxieties at a west window
Whisper weak wishes to the casual wind
The cold night air caressing my soggy face
Remembering the gorgeous days we left
Back in the dear past where moments last
I hear sounds from a nearby distance
Rising from the far away purple old wood
A million sad voices crying out her name
The bitter truth is let loose and the song withers
I’m drawn back inside to tend the crackling fire
I’m all alone again waiting for the future
Trying to console the restless flames within
My thoughts try to hide but are surrounded by Celeste
She broke free today and went away
Pain had led her astray and hope lied to us again
Now she’s resting in the brilliant fields
Dazzling meadows beneath the shining rain
Swimming in shallow grasses and timeless light
Bet she doesn’t even know she’s dead



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