Brief Ticket

They do,

  • Turn the message around
  • Turn my letter away
  • Find it among the pine trees
  • Look through its mysteries

They see,

  • My heart on their shelf
  • My lies in their ears
  • Fragments of angry bitterness
  • Hope for coming progress

They hear,

  • The voices in the wind
  • The colours in the breeze
  • Children weeping in the dark
  • Presidents sharpening their remarks

My love,

  • Is lazy with little to do
  • Is found when it’s too late
  • Ties and seals all it touches
  • Breaks thoughts into wishes

My sight,

  • Can discern their tall-tales
  • Can find the wayward words
  • Is always fighting the oblivious
  • Makes my speech always nervous

My need,

  • To eventually find out what’s true
  • To tear down their misdirections
  • To accomplish this one deadly feat
  • To makes life come before defeat

I know,

  • Why they come in the dark
  • Why I’ll see this till the end
  • They’ll want to keep love forbidden
  • I’ll find out where the truth is hidden

I feel,

  • I should go back to our home
  • I won’t be safe while I’m there
  • The sound of blazing fire within
  • The spirit of freedom which will win

I try,

  • To testify and kill the lie
  • To keep one step ahead
  • But they find me time and again
  • But I vow to end blindness’ reign

She takes,

  • Away the moonlight from the sky
  • Away the sunlight from the day
  • Hope away and the people grieve
  • My words to heart and believes

She tries,

  • To call those that were there
  • To gather them all together
  • To go back where justice is even
  • To find something else to believe in

She dies,

  • Of the poison from their lungs
  • Of the truth because it hurts
  • Taking the gruesome pain away
  • But I’ll met with her again one day




It’s not still it’s wrought
It’s not frill it’s sought
It’s not skill it’s taught
It’s not real it’s bought

It’s not thrill it’s fought
It’s not kill it is caught
It’s not nil it is brought
It’s not will it is thought


Moving On

Newborn eyes
Fragile soul
Shapeless ghosts
Enchanting smile
Safety lost
Endless mile

Wet savannah
Fighting spirit
Charcoal clouds
Temple mountains
Desert shroud
Youthful fountain

Double rainbows
Water’s depth
Endless ocean
Coloured Sky
Romantic notion
Summer’s eye

Celluloid beauty
Mighty words
Golden books
Charming grace
Naughty looks
Ecstasy face

Dawn’s hello
Dusk’s goodbye
Morning mist
Lover’s gaze
Farewell Kiss
Sudden haze

Lies ordinary
Truth opinion
Stolen freedom
Loud remember
Fair Kingdom
Noble endeavor

Falling rain
Slow unrest
Final flight
End of days
Fading light
Hades’ blaze



There’s a monster inside me
It’s constantly trying to get out
It beats at the walls of my reality
Struggling to break through fantasy
But I manage to keep it inside.

All day and all night however
I wonder what would happen
If I should ever let the monster out
To meet and greet the living
This excites me more than anything.

The curiosity becomes overwhelming
And I reach deep into my psyche
In order to set the monster free
I finally break the chains of sanity
And let it loose upon the world

The monster looks just like me
But its face is twisted with emotion
An emotion I can hardly recognize
Having not seen it for a while
It is the look of absolute terror.

The monster is afraid, afraid of me.
Why? Why does the monster fear me?
I had never considered it before
But then it suddenly dawns on me
That I am the monster and I’m finally free.



Have you been there?
Where people tell all their secrets
but keep their names to themselves.
Where journeys are short and painless
but you end up where you started.
Where the dead mourn for the living
tears streaming up and into their eyes
Where closed eyes only see the past
and voices are heard before you listen.
Where the sounds of music frightens
but screams are welcomed and cheered.
Where the children dispose of fresh ideas
but instead are hungry to ingest ignorance.
Where answers come before questions
and travelers walk away from their destinations.
Where victims turn away and say no to hope
and instead grasp desperately at uncertainty.

Are you sure you’ve not been there?
Where those hands charged with protecting
are the ones holding the knives at our throats.
Where they take food from the famished
to put it on the tables of the fat and sated.
Where what the rich discard and throw away
could be used to ensure there were none poor.
Where most people live only for one today
and forget about the many tomorrows.
Where some children are killed in the name of war
but when others are slain it’s called terror.
Where they use that which makes us different
to divide us instead of enriching each other.
Where the citizens constantly cry out for justice
and then give the powers to judge to the unjust.
Where all the changes that are presented
are to make sure everything remain the same.


Sum of Words

One morning
Two monks received
Three weary travelers bringing
Four sad tales from their
Five years of searching for the
Six fabled cities which were home to
Seven sacred scrolls lost for generations and contained
Eight powerful spells that could bring an end to
Nine cruel years their country was under the torment of
Ten merciless and cruel wraiths who came when the people sacrificed
Nine innocent children believing it would bring an end to
Eight seasons of famine that engulfed their land after
Seven years of war had killed all the
Six kind witches who had toiled for
Five generations teaching the unworthy people
Four enchantments which when recited
Three times daily kept
Two angels at
Ones door


Transitional worries crop up without proper invitation with our preparation determined by the fallow intelligence of course sown by starved teachers who before the inevitable truth dawned held broad theories of long held ideologies falling from lies which were hammered through their and our craniums by institutionalized mechanisms designed to forever enslave the minds of the willing populous into a congregation of dead-eyed sheep-like bi-pods struggling to make sense of the world they found wanting once they stumbled out of their mother’s crevices already struggling to catch-up and adore the simple reality required of all conscious beings that tells us – once one is born, they are on their own.



Black-cloaked shadow at my window
sparkling red eyes burning.
Beautiful dark figure standing there
staring at the heart beneath
tasting the air with its skin.
Red lips recite ancient words
telling stories only heard in hell.
Of a forbidden vulgar hunger
that leads to a strange hell.
Ever since she’s been here
she’s been roaming the skies
searching for unwilling volunteers
singing to them the cold song.
Now after many years
she finds me here at last
alone with my regrets in splendor.
Destiny kisses me goodbye
and the cruel crooked rose
digs its thorns into my neck.
Calmly spilling my blood.
soft claws tearing my skin
ghost breath inhaling my soul
now I’m going back home.