Have you been there?
Where people tell all their secrets
but keep their names to themselves.
Where journeys are short and painless
but you end up where you started.
Where the dead mourn for the living
tears streaming up and into their eyes
Where closed eyes only see the past
and voices are heard before you listen.
Where the sounds of music frightens
but screams are welcomed and cheered.
Where the children dispose of fresh ideas
but instead are hungry to ingest ignorance.
Where answers come before questions
and travelers walk away from their destinations.
Where victims turn away and say no to hope
and instead grasp desperately at uncertainty.

Are you sure you’ve not been there?
Where those hands charged with protecting
are the ones holding the knives at our throats.
Where they take food from the famished
to put it on the tables of the fat and sated.
Where what the rich discard and throw away
could be used to ensure there were none poor.
Where most people live only for one today
and forget about the many tomorrows.
Where some children are killed in the name of war
but when others are slain it’s called terror.
Where they use that which makes us different
to divide us instead of enriching each other.
Where the citizens constantly cry out for justice
and then give the powers to judge to the unjust.
Where all the changes that are presented
are to make sure everything remain the same.



2 thoughts on “topsy-turvy

  1. Alex says:

    You have me reading poetry, and loving it. I’ll say it one more time for good measure, you are brilliant, and I’m done stalking, for now. πŸ™‚

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