Brief Ticket

They do,

  • Turn the message around
  • Turn my letter away
  • Find it among the pine trees
  • Look through its mysteries

They see,

  • My heart on their shelf
  • My lies in their ears
  • Fragments of angry bitterness
  • Hope for coming progress

They hear,

  • The voices in the wind
  • The colours in the breeze
  • Children weeping in the dark
  • Presidents sharpening their remarks

My love,

  • Is lazy with little to do
  • Is found when it’s too late
  • Ties and seals all it touches
  • Breaks thoughts into wishes

My sight,

  • Can discern their tall-tales
  • Can find the wayward words
  • Is always fighting the oblivious
  • Makes my speech always nervous

My need,

  • To eventually find out what’s true
  • To tear down their misdirections
  • To accomplish this one deadly feat
  • To makes life come before defeat

I know,

  • Why they come in the dark
  • Why I’ll see this till the end
  • They’ll want to keep love forbidden
  • I’ll find out where the truth is hidden

I feel,

  • I should go back to our home
  • I won’t be safe while I’m there
  • The sound of blazing fire within
  • The spirit of freedom which will win

I try,

  • To testify and kill the lie
  • To keep one step ahead
  • But they find me time and again
  • But I vow to end blindness’ reign

She takes,

  • Away the moonlight from the sky
  • Away the sunlight from the day
  • Hope away and the people grieve
  • My words to heart and believes

She tries,

  • To call those that were there
  • To gather them all together
  • To go back where justice is even
  • To find something else to believe in

She dies,

  • Of the poison from their lungs
  • Of the truth because it hurts
  • Taking the gruesome pain away
  • But I’ll met with her again one day



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