There’s a monster inside me
It’s constantly trying to get out
It beats at the walls of my reality
Struggling to break through fantasy
But I manage to keep it inside.

All day and all night however
I wonder what would happen
If I should ever let the monster out
To meet and greet the living
This excites me more than anything.

The curiosity becomes overwhelming
And I reach deep into my psyche
In order to set the monster free
I finally break the chains of sanity
And let it loose upon the world

The monster looks just like me
But its face is twisted with emotion
An emotion I can hardly recognize
Having not seen it for a while
It is the look of absolute terror.

The monster is afraid, afraid of me.
Why? Why does the monster fear me?
I had never considered it before
But then it suddenly dawns on me
That I am the monster and I’m finally free.



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