me & mine

me and my peckish love
we linger in the gutter singing songs of bravery
anticipating couriers to keep our tired ideas company

me and my shattered hope
we clung to the side of the sad sinking ship
watching the horizon disappear as we traveled to rest our soul

me and my vicious tongue
we cut deep groves on friendly volunteers
with our sharp harsh words swinging madly from careless lips

me and my empty stomach
we long to feast on delicious contentment
craving the soft meat of satisfaction baked only in victory

me and my shaky voice
we spoke at the head still bellowing like thunder
shrugging off the judgement coming from their misguided anger

me and my aching feet
we stumbled through life’s plateaus and peaks
walking and crawling hoping to discover peace before defeat

me and my steadfast pain
we fought endlessly in the trenches and fog
hoping not to be trounced by doubt in the midst of battle

me and my strong will
we searched our wombs for juvenile hope
with sharpened claws ready to tear the skin off destiny

me and my clever mind
we saw the hundred when shown ninety-nine
as others searched desperately to burn the curtain behind the light

me and my final thought
we tell this as our twisted honest truth
seek only that which will make imposters of your vanity



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