Not Here for Love

If you are looking for love
you’ve come to the wrong place
not here will you find it
not now will I speak the word
I’ve no intention of losing myself again
love promises then soothes for a while
eventually it will rupture and threaten
break all that was once there
and leave you shattered and scared
never to be the same again
so take your commotion elsewhere
Not here for love

Not here for love
I have no intention of going back
following false promises and sweet deceit
not now for your words
that glisten and taste warm to my ears
take your wares elsewhere
where other young fools would eat
the tainted food you set in front of them
enticing them with its appeal to the eye
and sensual sweet false aroma

Not here for love
it is an unwelcome guest in my heart
that’s already filled with sensation
and cannot allow for love to enter
for it takes up the whole space
and leaves little room for anything else
it even invades the mind and kicks out reason
then since it is restless it moves out and on
leaving behind empty shells
broken shells of head and chest
mind and heart

I hate to be loved
it burdens me and makes me feel
and I don’t like to feel
go find others
welcoming of your love
and would give you theirs
not here for love
I have none of my own to give you
so spare yourself the hurt
get away from me
and run as fast as you can
run away from me and towards love
when you find it let me know
so it can tear me to pieces



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