Life is war, you are in a never ending battle with the forces of time and darkness who are always trying to defeat you.

Time will eventually win but the darkness can be defeated, though darkness itself is not the enemy. Who you must face is the unseen enemies who hide in the shadow.

These enemies are hard to find in the darkness and each individual has their own.

So you must be prepared to fight enemies which no one else can see and which you can barely see.

To be prepared however you must be able to recognize your enemies and they can only be found on the battleground.

Therefore  you must fight, first to recognize your enemies and then to defeat them.

Staying away from the battleground is not an option as this is equivalent to death.

So get off the floor, gather your weapons, form your strategy, venture into the darkness and fight for your life.




among the dry leaves and ghosts,

I searched, hoping to find myself,

I looked in the darkest pits, searched through my lost memories,

I fought with the world and bore its blows

In the midst of the fighting I won,

I found most of me but then got lost,

Staggering through the thick lies I listened only to my friend,

The rough ground found my knees but never for long.

Now I’m back home,

cleaning up my wounds as I try to find the rest of me.