It’s all around you
Within your reach
You can take it all in
All you have to do is breathe
You, just sitting there
Why aren’t you breathing?
Why aren’t you living?
Why can’t you see?
That life’s passing you by
Life’s not on your touchscreen
Look up, it’s happening around you
You’ve hardly got any time to spare
No time to think
Just breathe and take it all in
Through your nose
Through your mouth
Through your eyes
Through your ears
Through your skin
Breathe in the people around you
Take in their laughter
Their words
Their looks
Their pain
Their tears
All they say
All they do
Can’t you see
It’s beautiful
And it’ll sustain you
Breathe through your eyes
Take in the Sky
The Trees
The People
Their Smiles
Life is bursting
Begging for your attention
Take it all in
All you have to do is breathe
Breathe through your feet
And go to places you’ve never been
Travel the world, your home
Discover all that dwells within it.
Breathe through your tongue
Let it say all the things you wanted to say but didn’t
There’s no time to lose
Do it now
Speak it and live
Breathe through your heart
Open yourelf up to love
Don’t be afraid to feel
Don’t be afraid to live
Breathe through your hands
Do all the things you always wanted to
Use your fingers
Touch the ones you love
Breathe through your nose
Sniff the air
Take in all the oxygen around you
Inhale the scent of life
And don’t let go of the smell
Remind yourself that you’re alive
And you don’t know for how long
Don’t let the clouds fool you
Don’t let the atmosphere get you down
With each passing second must come a breath
Go on
Don’t you dare stop
Don’t die even for a second
You hardly got any time to spare
You can’t afford to miss any of it
It goes by so fast
Just breathe
When all else fails
Just Breathe

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