Moving On

Newborn eyes
Fragile soul
Shapeless ghosts
Enchanting smile
Safety lost
Endless mile

Wet savannah
Fighting spirit
Charcoal clouds
Temple mountains
Desert shroud
Youthful fountain

Double rainbows
Water’s depth
Endless ocean
Coloured Sky
Romantic notion
Summer’s eye

Celluloid beauty
Mighty words
Golden books
Charming grace
Naughty looks
Ecstasy face

Dawn’s hello
Dusk’s goodbye
Morning mist
Lover’s gaze
Farewell Kiss
Sudden haze

Lies ordinary
Truth opinion
Stolen freedom
Loud remember
Fair Kingdom
Noble endeavor

Falling rain
Slow unrest
Final flight
End of days
Fading light
Hades’ blaze




There’s a monster inside me
It’s constantly trying to get out
It beats at the walls of my reality
Struggling to break through fantasy
But I manage to keep it inside.

All day and all night however
I wonder what would happen
If I should ever let the monster out
To meet and greet the living
This excites me more than anything.

The curiosity becomes overwhelming
And I reach deep into my psyche
In order to set the monster free
I finally break the chains of sanity
And let it loose upon the world

The monster looks just like me
But its face is twisted with emotion
An emotion I can hardly recognize
Having not seen it for a while
It is the look of absolute terror.

The monster is afraid, afraid of me.
Why? Why does the monster fear me?
I had never considered it before
But then it suddenly dawns on me
That I am the monster and I’m finally free.



Transitional worries crop up without proper invitation with our preparation determined by the fallow intelligence of course sown by starved teachers who before the inevitable truth dawned held broad theories of long held ideologies falling from lies which were hammered through their and our craniums by institutionalized mechanisms designed to forever enslave the minds of the willing populous into a congregation of dead-eyed sheep-like bi-pods struggling to make sense of the world they found wanting once they stumbled out of their mother’s crevices already struggling to catch-up and adore the simple reality required of all conscious beings that tells us – once one is born, they are on their own.



Black-cloaked shadow at my window
sparkling red eyes burning.
Beautiful dark figure standing there
staring at the heart beneath
tasting the air with its skin.
Red lips recite ancient words
telling stories only heard in hell.
Of a forbidden vulgar hunger
that leads to a strange hell.
Ever since she’s been here
she’s been roaming the skies
searching for unwilling volunteers
singing to them the cold song.
Now after many years
she finds me here at last
alone with my regrets in splendor.
Destiny kisses me goodbye
and the cruel crooked rose
digs its thorns into my neck.
Calmly spilling my blood.
soft claws tearing my skin
ghost breath inhaling my soul
now I’m going back home.



I need a new motive
to breathe in the air
inhale oxygen into my lungs
I’ve lost the one I had before
and I can’t find it anymore

I need a new purpose
to take me through the day
put one foot in front of the other
The one I thought was there
faded and disappeared into thin air

I need a new lie
to tell myself when I wake up
and head through the door
The old one I had is gone
and I have to find a new con

I need a new delusion
to fool myself is the reason
I look forward to the day
I’m currently without one
so I may never see the sun



White crystalline moon at midnight
Stars alive, soft yellow cloud passes by
I gather my anxieties at a west window
Whisper weak wishes to the casual wind
The cold night air caressing my soggy face
Remembering the gorgeous days we left
Back in the dear past where moments last
I hear sounds from a nearby distance
Rising from the far away purple old wood
A million sad voices crying out her name
The bitter truth is let loose and the song withers
I’m drawn back inside to tend the crackling fire
I’m all alone again waiting for the future
Trying to console the restless flames within
My thoughts try to hide but are surrounded by Celeste
She broke free today and went away
Pain had led her astray and hope lied to us again
Now she’s resting in the brilliant fields
Dazzling meadows beneath the shining rain
Swimming in shallow grasses and timeless light
Bet she doesn’t even know she’s dead



In the soft dawn light
wounds were exposed
and secrets were told.
A familiar song’s heard down the hall
churning out a cold goodbye.
Broken bright tunes dance from the room.
They shine on your grave, growing dimmer.
She strolls out with her head held low
carrying the broken promises
stolen from the desperate and alone.
The air is heavy and cruel.
You speak your case
hold your breath
and beg her to stay.
But you know it’s fruitless
like wishing for life before time.
She floats up and takes to the sky.
Leaving you breathing goodbye.
The mean beautiful creature
leaves your heart lying in space,
crawling on the stars
trying to find its way back home.
Will she be away for long?
Only time will tell.
Let’s hope it speaks the truth.


Time passes by his window.
It stops for a second to hide
from his eyes. The facts
are told to his peers and those
strange liars who in harmony
crumble at his feet.
Golden voices speak words
held about by best intentions.
It briefs him and runs out,
but he doesn’t believe.
He rides past green judging eyes
with a future in his hands.
Past indiscretions forgiven
but due to present circumstance
the only hope of this man is life.
Anyone around will thrive
when she receives the cue.
The tree of truth will bear fruit
that once eaten
can not be denied.

Who could misplace such an idea?
Who would ask the truth to lie?
We hide from it.
It finds us.
We throw it away.
It returns.
We can’t disavow it.
We are alive.


Cold day unlike another
Nearby desistances give birth
their children sent out
to visit without invitation
Black shroud, foreign form
misguided purpose
Fated without deliverance
Takes us to their lodge
endless dingy hole in the ground
We meet the resident
definite mistress telling past lies
Playing games with time
Grave politics won and lost at will
We’re all welcome
it’s insisted that we stay
Exploring the distance
Ghost bodies float
past strong graves
Our beds are made
No path to escape
Who will save us?


Joseph Kandeni is lying on his bed, resting his head on a pillow. He’s not asleep, he’s not trying to fall asleep. He’s thinking about his young life as the red evening sun throws narrow rays through the only window of his small hostel room. He’s feeling off balance. His life is spiraling and he’s trying to put it together in his head.

Joseph has just received a call from his father, it was not good news. He’s looking up at the white water-damaged ceiling with the phone still clutched in his right hand. The 21 year old second-year medical student is trying to figure out what to do next. Everything was fine just a few hours before, but then slowly began to unravel that afternoon.

The phone conversation with his father had been short, too short. His father had hung-up before Joseph could tell him his own news. Fill him in on events that occurred just an hour before in the dean of medicine’s office. Events that had put him on the first spiral he was in before his father called him. He was dreading to tell his parents about it but now they would have other things on their minds.

Alone in the room, he thinks as he listens to the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees outside his window and the shuffling footsteps from outside his door of other students returning to their rooms after evening classes. The silence of his own room is broken by the ringing of his phone. It’s a text; from an unexpected source. He opens the message and reads it.

Hi, been a while, umepotea wapi?

He looks at it and smiles. The message is from Sera Makawa, a friend he hadn’t seen for a while because he had been busy with his mid-terms. Sera was a tall and thin second-year art student he met through a mutual friend a year ago. He thinks for a bit then he types.

Mimi niko tu, kuja unitafute 🙂


He waits for the reply which he is sure will come, she always replied to texts immediately. He liked that about her, he liked her from the moment they met. She wasn’t like his female medical-student classmates. Although not very book-smart, she was very artsy and smart about life. The exact opposite of himself.

After a minute, his phone rings as expected, a new message. He reads.

Sawa 🙂 we should meet up, movie?

They had the same taste many things and especially movies. The two of them would go out, but only as friends, whenever something good came out. He thinks about the last time they saw each other, one month back, as he types.

Ok, I’ll call you when I’m free.


He waits as he now watches the single pale-blue curtain on his window dancing to the breeze. Again he doesn’t have to wait for long, he feels the slight vibration of the phone in his hand before hearing the familiar message tone. He reads.

Cool, looking forward to it. How is everything else, classes and such?

The words of the message take him back into his mind-spiral. Incredibly he had managed to put away his troubles from his mind. He stares at his phone, thinking about the question for a full minute before typing.

Things are awful, my parents are separating and I might get kicked out of school.

Joseph looks at the message he has just typed. Such earnest, the most he has ever put in a single text. He feels uncomfortable. He hadn’t know Sera for long, only a year. During the times they had spent together, they always kept their conversations on casual topics and had never gone much deeper. He feels like this is a mistake.


He also doesn’t want her feeling sorry for him. He pictures her in his head; pretty round face with piercing brown eyes and her smile that always managed to lighten him up. He feels himself longing to see that face again, those eyes. He begins to type again.

I’ve missed you since the last time, been thinking about you a lot.

Joseph surprises himself. He didn’t know just how much he missed her till that moment. Till he saw those words on his phone which he typed almost on auto-pilot. He panics.


He had something special with Mary and he didn’t want to ruin it. Besides, he couldn’t face the rejection, not this day. But then, he feels something stirring inside him. An emotion that makes his heart beat faster and an intensity well-up from the pit of his stomach all the way up to the back of his throat making him want to shout. He thinks, “what the hell, what’s the worst that could happen?” He types.

I think I’m in love with you.

He looks at the words. He pictures her reading them, not quite able to make out her face. Is she smiling? Is she frowning? He can’t tell. Fear grips him again. He feels her drifting away. What if she doesn’t feel the same?


What was he thinking? That would have been a disaster; he would have lost her for good if he had sent that text. He lies there still, breathing fast. He waits until his breathing slows down and his heart stops racing. He types.

I’m fine.